About Us

About our company
Model-Fan_store is the manufacturer of scale model kits.

We aim to promote scale modeling and board games as an exciting family hobby that builds friendships and builds trust and understanding between children and their parents.

We are proud that our products encourage our customers to learn new things, broaden their horizons and improve their general intelligence, and find creative ways to spend their leisure time, especially among the younger generation. Our products teach people to be proud of our history, encourage interest in the military history of other countries, and help people appreciate the uniqueness of this hobby.

In our best tradition, we've been selling model kits since 2015 when we first listed our first item on eBay. We produce cutting-edge model kits at reasonable prices, making them accessible and enjoyable to people of all ages around the world.

Over the years, our online shop has grown from a small private company to the largest manufacturer of model kits internationally.

Experienced modellers create new 3D models, which are then printed on a 3D printer and then molded into silicone molds. Molding, packaging and warehousing of plastics are carried out in our warehouses in China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. This system guarantees the consistently high quality of our products and ensures the fastest delivery of products to our customers.

Our forces have successfully completed more than 30,000 orders on international electronic platforms. Our collection contains more than 7000 products on the most popular topics. We strive to provide maximum authenticity to our models by reproducing as much detail as possible on a small scale to make our favorite hobby even more resourceful and varied.

No need to waste time running for the best price, here you will find original sculptures & miniature model. We strive to make modeling more accessible around the world. This hobby can rightly be called creative, and people - connoisseurs of art.